Why Sponsor?

According to a recent study, 72% of people associate a positive event experience with the brands who sponsor it. 74% say this positive experience will make them more likely to buy their products! The right sponsorship elevates you far beyond a simple advertiser! Sponsorships provide:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Demonstrated authority as an industry expert
  • Access to new clients, customers, and partnership
  • Direct access to your target market
  • Lead generation
  • Increased sales

The damage prevention and excavation safety industry is constantly changing and evolving. So is the way we connect with industry stakeholders. Generate new leads, stay connected and meet decision makers and influencers from around the world by showcasing your company, products, and services in this exciting new environment.

We know that many exhibitors have been disappointed in the ROI found in virtual events they have participated in this past year. We have done our research, and we are implementing features designed specifically to help you connect with attendees.

Unlike many virtual events, we prioritize the participation of our sponsors. We have created dedicated blocks of time each day with NO competing activities or events. We encourage you to schedule activities during these times. We recommend special prize drawings, product demonstrations, or other activities designed to draw people to your Showroom. We will promote your schedule of activities both on the conference website and through in-event messaging to attendees!

Other benefits to sponsoring:

  • Generate qualified leads directly from your desktop without expensive travel – offers exceptional ROI.
  • Because of the lower cost to attend, virtual events bring in larger numbers of attendees (aka: qualified leads)
  • Reporting and analytics on your booth activity help you more effectively plan future content and conversations.
  • Taking advantage of the various forms of media – chat, video, downloads, podcasting, etc. – lets you reach your audience in the media they like best.

Contact Vicki@IR-SavingLives.com for more information.

Sponsor Support

Learn how to set up and build your Sponsorship Showroom.

Watch our video on how to create Tech Talks for your Sponsor Showroom.

Watch our video on  how to create an engaging Networking Event.